More Information Of The Tapping Points

Significance of the tapping points:

The charts, below, show the location of the tapping points used in The Basic Recipe and the 9-gamut sequence. While the mysteries of the meridians remain to be unraveled, there are emotions that may be associated with each meridian. Below is a compilation, from several sources, of the emotional themes that may be released or restored as a result of tapping on each point.

Name  Location  Meridian Reactive Emotions/Themes Balancing Emotion/Themes
Side of Hand (SH)  The fleshy part on the outside edge of either hand  Small Intestine Meridian    (SI3/4) Feeling divided, pulled in more than one direction Decisiveness discernment
Top of Head (TOH) The area of the Crown Chakra is located directly at the top of the head. This is a major meeting point of several meridian pathways Self-criticism, lack of focus Vitality, abundance, focus
Eye Brow (EB) At the beginning of the eyebrow, just up and over from the bridge of the nose Urinary Bladder Meridian (BL2) Fear, suspicion, futility Hope, courage, trust
Side of the eye (SE) or Outside the Eye (OE) At the end of the eyebrow, this point falls on the boney protrusion at the leading edge of the temple Gall Bladder Meridian (GB1) Rage, being judgmental Acceptance, kindness.
Under the Eye (UE) On the bone underneath the eye, directly under the pupil Stomach Meridian (ST1) Obsessive worry Trust in the larger picture
Under the nose (UN) Under the nose in the little, vertical crevice above the upper lip Governing Vessel (GV26) Lacking courage to move forward  Sense of strength
Chin (CH) or Under the lip (UL) Under the bottom lip in the depression between the lip & chin Central or Conception Vessel (CV24) Feeling vulnerable, shame Feeling centered & secure
Collar Bone (CB)   Fleshy spot just below either collar bone Kidney Meridian (K27)/ Adrenal Glands Fear, isolation, shame Gentleness with self, movement toward others
Under Arm (UA)  4-6 inches below arm pit (bra strap) Spleen  Meridian     (SP21) Over-compassion, anxiety about other’s welfare Fairness toward self, metabolizes input into self

Additional Tapping Points

Name Location Meridian Releases Restores
Thumb (TH) Hold hand as if shaking hands. Top edge where thumb nail meets skin   Lung Meridian  (LU11) Grief, detachment Inspiration (inhale), letting go (exhale), faith
Index Finger (IF) As above, edge of finger nail and skin  Large Intestine Meridian (LI1) Controlling, holding on Releasing
 Middle Finger (MF) As above,  edge of finger nail and skin Pericardium Meridian (PC9) Bewildered by choices & demands, neglecting heart’s needs  Discernment, prioritizing heart’s needs
 Little Finger (LF) Same as above  Heart Meridian (HT9) Heartache, difficulty in expressing emotions. Love for self & others
Back Of Hand (BH) Back of hand, follow line between 4th & 5th fingers Triple Warmer Meridian (TW2/3) Depression, physical pain Feeling safe
 Ribs (R)* Just below the breasts, on either side Liver Meridian (LV14) Rage against self, guilt Kindness, compassion toward self
  *Alternatively, Inside leg, near kneecap (LV7/8)     


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