The Basic Recipe

The Basic EFT Recipe

The Tapping Points

There are many places on the body through which the meridians pass. The tapping points used in EFT have been chosen as tapping on them produces measurable results and they are easily accessible. They are points where the meridians either end or begin or pass close enough to the surface to be readily accessible. These are the tapping points used in The Basic Recipe.

The Basic Recipe

There are 9 tapping points that are used in The Basic Recipe. As its name implies, this is the tapping method that is used most often. The first point is called the Karate Chop Point (KC) or, sometimes, Side of Hand (SH) and is located along the edge of either hand on the little finger side. Use four fingers to tap the side of the hand, from the base of the little finger to the wrist crease and you will, easily, stimulate the two small intestine meridian points.

The Karate Chop Tapping Point of The Basic Recipe

The Karate Chop Tapping Point

The remaining 8 points go from top to bottom in this order: Top Of The Head (TOH), Eyebrow (EB), Side of the eye (SE), Under the eye (UE), Under the nose (UN), Chin Crease (CH), Collar Bone (CB), Under the arm (UA)

The Basic Recipe Tapping Points

The Basic Recipe Tapping Points

Basic Recipe Tapping Points

If you’d like to know more about the meridians associated with each of the tapping points and what you might experience by tapping on them, go here.

While tapping on the points, you can use two to four fingers, depending on the point. Tap each point 3-7 times gently and firmly. There is no need to give yourself a headache or create a bruise while tapping. If you’d like more information on the tapping points and EFT, in general, see the EFT tutorial on Gary Craig’s website. Here you can learn about the history and rationale of EFT.

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