ACEP’s EFT Training Program

A New EFT Training Program

I completed my own EFT training certification in March of 2015, I was certified as an advanced practitioner of EFT (ACAP-EFT). That was the result of about two years of training that included  in-person workshops, telephone consultations and the submission of several videos for evaluation by the trainers. The ACEP EFT training, at that time, was called Gold Standard EFT to reflect the reclaiming of EFT from, simply, a self-help tool to a powerful clinical tool. I felt somewhat confident in my use of EFT but had some difficulty incorporating it into my clinical practice.  The latest incarnation of EFT certification offered by ACEP is geared toward mental health professionals and focuses on how to incorporate EFT into a therapist’s toolbox.

Combination of On-line & Virtual Group Training

We just finished the first group of trainees with the second group ready to start in

ACEPs EFT training program

Basic Recipe Tapping Points

November 2017. I am one of four facilitators of the training who conduct four virtual workgroups where we answer questions, supervise practice sessions and offer guidance to the trainees who view 16 on-line modules. Trainees learn two of the Emotional Freedom Techniques as well as background information regarding trauma treatment. Level 2 will offer additional techniques as well as refinement of those presented in Level 1.

Having experienced the training as a facilitator and getting feedback from the trainees, I can say that this is a stellar training. Several trainees have commented on the amount of information presented and the quality of skills taught for the low cost of the training. Mental health professionals will also receive continuing education credits for the course.

If you’re a mental health professional and would like more information about incorporating this state-of-the-art therapy into your practice, contact me for more information. Emotional Freedom Techniques is rapidly moving into the main stream, backed by research consisting of multiple randomized controlled studies as well as meta-analyses that are demonstrating the efficacy of EFT in treating trauma, anxiety and depression.

The first training sold out in nine days. There are a few spots left in the November training. Get all the details here.

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Amygdala Over-Stimulated? Calm It With Tapping

The nervous amygdala


The Over-Stimulated Amygdala

The amygdala is a structure located in the mid-brain. It is one of the first weigh stations that information encounters as it is entering our body through the senses. The amygdala is part of the body’s early warning system. It processes information from the standpoint of “How can this hurt me?” It looks for similarities between the current event and previous events that may have resulted in pain. The amygdala is not very discerning. It can find similarities between events that may be quite obscure. When the amygdala becomes too sensitized as a result of repeated trauma or over-stimulation, it begins to see similarities and, thus, threat in many things. It can become so sensitized that it perceives any emotion as threatening.

Tapping to calm the amygdala

Emotional Freedom Techniques or Tapping is a tool that appears to discharge the negative emotion behind bothersome memories. The energy associated with these negative memories may result in a disruption of the flow of energy through the body’s energy system. EFT allows for the systematic, methodical and, above all, kind means of addressing the negative emotional charge that accompanies these emotions. EFT utilizes the Meridian System that was mapped by the Chinese many thousands of years ago. It is the same system used by acupuncturists. Instead of using needles, in EFT we use physical tapping on the meridian points.

More About Emotional Freedom Techniques (Tapping)

There is more about EFT located on this web site. For additional information, visit For a very in-depth article about the amygdala, go to Ashok Gupta’s article on

Feel free to message or call me with any questions or to find out if EFT might be a good therapeutic tool for you.




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Tapping Points

Tapping Points Located and Measured

This is pretty cool! Using imaging technology, scientists have confirmed the location and size of acupuncture points. These are the same points that we use in tapping.

Acupuncture Points Measured

Check it out:




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Inhale…exhale… It’s something that we do many times a day without a second thought or any thought. Our respiratory system is one over which we have both voluntary and involuntary control. Thankfully, we do not have to consciously think, “Inhale” to get a breath. Air flows in and out of our bodies even while we sleep or are involved in other activities. The breaths that we take during our waking, routine moments are often on the shallow side, involving only the top third of our lungs. This is enough to minimally satisfy our body’s needs and keep us operating .

Equally, thankfully, we have the ability to interrupt the automatic flow of air in and out of our bodies to take in a long slow inhale, when we think about it. These breaths go deep into the lungs, down to the bottom part where a complex network of blood vessels offers the most efficient exchange of gasses.

Another autonomic system that we have in our bodies is commonly known as the “Fight or Flight Response.” This ancient mechanism of the sympathetic nervous system becomes activated when the brain perceives a threat. When activated, the breath becomes rapid and shallow, blood flow is diverted to the arms and legs, stress hormones are produced in greater quantity, the heart rate and blood pressure both elevate. This puts us in a better position, physiologically, to either fight off the threat or run away from it.

Another part of our nervous system is called the parasympathetic. While the sympathetic nervous system is all about getting our bodies ready for battle or escape, the parasympathetic nervous system is all about chilling. While activated, the body goes into a more restful state. Blood flows more freely to our brains and internal organs. Heart rate and blood pressure drop and our brains begin to produce a pattern of brain waves that is conducive to feeling relaxed.

Back in the day, the threats to our ancient ancestors were more immediate and tangible, think, “Bear walks into camp.” In response, our ancestors either fought or fled (some froze). When the bear was either killed or driven off, everyone’s bodies returned to homeostasis, i.e. blood pressure, heart rates and breathing rates returned to normal and stress hormone production was dialed back.

The threats that we encounter today are much less tangible and often only occurring in our imaginations. Our fast paced, have-it-all-now society encourages feelings of being out of control and inadequacy. These are powerful beliefs that can keep us in a constant state of sympathetic nervous system activation. It’s like keeping the engine in your car revved up all the time, even when stopped at a light.

One way to interrupt sympathetic response and initiate parasympathetic response is to consciously take long, slow, deep breaths. This interrupts the flow of sympathetic nervous system activity and signals the brain that we are safe, that it’s is okay to relax, to rest and digest.

Remember to stop throughout the day to check in on how you are feeling. Take in several long, slow, deep breathes. Remind your body and brain that you are safe from immediate harm. Give yourself the opportunity to relax. As the engine of a gently idling car will last much longer than one that is constantly revved, your parasympathetically stimulated body and mind will, also, last much longer and you’ll feel better. Inhale…exhale…

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ACEP Conference & EFT Training

Once again, the Association For Comprehensive Energy Psychology pulled off a great conference. This year it was in Phoenix, AZ and it was hot, inside and out. Over the course of three days, a broad range of energy psychology topics was covered by polished professionals. I think the highlight for me was a keynote given by Donna Eden and David Feinstein, PhD .

Following the conference was three days of EFT training. I completed the third of five levels of training for EFT certification. It was a great opportunity to hone my skills and learn new ones. It was fun and inspiring to be in the presence of fellow students as well as the amazing staff of trainers. It was really reinforced for me that EFT can be a powerful healing tool, offering the best results when guided by a trained and skilled practitioner.

I’ll need some local (Salt Lake City) subjects who are willing to be video taped for my next level of certification. Contact me if you’re interested.

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